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2023 Local 743 Fair Share Fee Notice
Jan 16, 2024

The right by law to belong and participate in a union is a very important right. You also have the right to refrain from becoming an active member by paying a reduced monthly fee to the union. This fair share fee is authorized by law to sustain your Union’s cost for the broad range of programs in support of you and your co-workers that the Union by law is obligated to provide, such as grievance handling, arbitration proceedings, contract negotiations and administration, and other matters relating to your terms and conditions of employment.

For the certification year of 2023-2024, this fair share cost has been calculated by our accountants to be 82% of total dues. Should you desire to exercise your right to be a non- member, please notify the Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 743 in writing at 4620 S. Tripp Avenue, Chicago IL 60632 and this rate will be applied to you going forward. As a non- member, you will not be able to vote on contracts or other matters affecting the Union, attend Union meetings, nominate candidates for office, hold or be a candidate for office, or otherwise enjoy an array of member-only benefits (death benefits, fire benefits, scholarships, etc.) that are the rights and privileges of membership accorded only to full Union members.

Non-members who may also wish to object to the manner in which this calculation was derived and argue that certain expenditures are not germane to the collective bargaining process may do so by notifying the Secretary Treasurer in writing of their desire to object. Upon receipt of your objection, Teamsters Local 743 will provide you with our accountants’ fair share fee report on the fees that are chargeable, non-chargeable, the basis for this calculation, and the procedure for challenging the calculation.


Teamsters Local 743
4620 S. Tripp Avenue
Chicago, IL 60632
  (773) 254-7460

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